Ultimate blockchain solution to copyright infringement?

An interesting blockchain interview with Marcus Schmitt, the CEO of CopyTrack. Finally, an innovator is making a blockchain solution to copyright infringement issues for both buyers and sellers. This goes for music, photos, videos or any other digital content.

I’m sick of using Copyscape and believe that Copytrack may have the ability to solve a complex problem in the copyright and content creator space. Time will only tell, but it’s a start, and I’m happy to see what comes about with technology. Watch the video below for an excellent interview with the CEO of Copytrack, Marcus Schmitt:

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Current Problems with Copyright and Digital Media

Sharing is good, no doubt. However, with the advent of social media, and more importantly, the monetization of content on social media, there is no shortage of people taking other creators content and not giving credit. Although Copyscape protects somewhat, it lacks in many departments. Copyscape main “legalizes” the process of content take-down notices. And that’s okay in some respects.

Creators protect work by using blockchain technology

I would love nothing more than to not serve ads on my site, but I have to monetize any way I can. And as you notice, except for a few pieces (at the moment) of original content, I mainly curate valuable content on Average Crypto. Although I give credit to all the sources used for my ICO and blockchain content, I’m sure they would love to get paid for their content. And I would love to pay for said content! It goes both ways, so to speak.

Over at Business Computing World, they succinctly wrap up what Copytrack can and will do:

Copytrack revolutionizes how creators protect, track and monetize their work by using blockchain and smart contracts technology. Founded in 2014 in Berlin, Germany, the company is today the global market leader in protecting photographers from image theft. While Copytrack runs its proprietary image recognition technology to crawl images on the web and detect copyright infringements, the company acknowledges that the digital image market is broken. 85% of images used online are without a valid license and existing protection technologies, such as watermarks and tracking pixels, are easily overgone.

via businesscomputingworld.co.uk

The better option is for smart contracts on the blockchain that helps the creators get paid. This is where Copytrack comes into play. Copytrack does what is needed in the content producer communities by allowing people to relax and share their content,

  1. they’re material is protected from outright hijacking.
  2. they’re getting paid for content usage.

These are the two most important criteria for us creatives and content producers, right?

Copytrack.io is an overdue blockchain solution

As both a creative author and a content producer, this ideal really excites me. The current and potential features of Copytrack has a blockchain solution the is well overdue.

The idea that you can protect your content, and get paid at the same time is awesome. Schmitt’s views on removing the intermediaries is a noble gesture toward content producers, and a welcomed one in cryptocurrency where “scams” are perceived to be around every corner by the mainstream.

“Blockchain technology provides a historic opportunity to solve the century-old problem of copyright infringement. The Global Copyright Registry enables creators to register, track and monetize their work without the need of intermediaries, making the multi-billion-dollar digital licensing industry more transparent and fair towards both buyers and sellers.”

via Marcus Schmitt, CEO and Founder

I’m sure the movie and music industry will be all over this technology. However, I really hope this helps them relax on their ridiculous licensing. Yes, I want to see those industries protected, too. But, I will suppose Schmitt’s company keeps this accessible for the average creator, and in the true spirit of decentralization.

As a creative writer, I’m literally and figuratively buying into the Copytrack vision and its CPY token. This was an excellent interview, and I’m glad I came across it. I’m not joking when I said I’ve bought in. I think we need more blockchain technologies that decentralize and give power back like this one; especially to the creatives.

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